Balance Tracking System

The Balance Tracking System allows us to now do baseline brain scans that are fast and affordable to better assess our brain balance. Drive significant revenues for your organization while benefiting our communities. Make “brain balance” a part of every person's yearly check up. Changing how we measure for concussions, brain performance and fall risk.  #NoBrainer.

Reasons to License your own platform

Objectable testing results in less than two minutes, allowing for more confident decisions to be made regarding an athlete’s balance status.

Tracking and monitoring of athletes throughout the preseason and season.

Best way to partner with schools, sports clubs, psychologists and more to become a leader in brain performance, concussion safety and fall risk for our senior population. 

Great tool for sports clubs and brands to drive significant revenues and provide countless marketing opportunities.

Fast, accurate and highly reliable objective data with Printable Athlete Testing Reports.

Better info for professionals around Concussions, Fall Risk, Return to Play, Return to Work, Return to Learn. 

Make brain balance a part of every physical.

Add objective data to current protocols pre and post assessments.

Generate significant revenue for your clinic or hospital.

Great PR to tell a better story. Be the community leader in sports medicine / concussions and the mental health world.

Baseline Balance Assessment can be done in less than 10 minutes. 

Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex.

Help reduce liability with better information for making a good diagnosis.

Sports Medicine Professionals no longer have to rely on subjective, unreliable and inaccurate visual testing methods such as the BESS to determine changes in balance following injury.

Post Concussion or Injury Evaluation now possible with the system. 

Become an industry leader with the best technology.

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