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Comprised of a low-cost electroencephalogram (EEG) headset and simple analytical report-generating software that downloads onto a standard laptop computer, this innovative EEG technology gives doctors a more accurate picture of a patient’s brain health. Over time, patient’s brain health data can be monitored alongside their blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. The database is positioned to be one of the most robust and comprehensive sources for brain health analysis in the world.

Get a brain scan done as part of your yearly physical screening ages 8 & up creating an objective baseline unique to you.
Your objective baseline scan adds objective data to aid clinicians who are making decisions about concussion recovery, return-to-play (RTP) and mental health concerns.
In less than 15 minutes you can now get full EEG brain scan and the ERP P300 pdf report with brain function, power, reaction time, trail-making test, flanker tests. Novel data for concussions, anxiety, depression, anxiety, ADHD, TBI and other health concerns related to brain performance.

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Make brain screens part of your yearly physical. We measure our blood pressure, reflexes, height and weight, now we can easily measure the most important organ: Our Brain! Measure brain speed, brain wave ratios, connectivity and reaction times in less than 10 minutes.

P300 EEG Brain Scans add Objective Data and Performance Indicators which is relevant info for Concussions, Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, TBI, Wellness, Mental Health, and more!

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