XLNT Concussion Management App

XLNTbrain Sport goes beyond baseline testing with the first complete concussion management program for all sports and levels. Using the latest technology and evidence-based guidelines, XLNTbrain Sport provides clinical-caliber concussion care giving subscribers a complete solution that’s easy to use, affordable and adds a “virtual neurologist” for the team.

Reasons to get your Athletes on the App

Sideline Assessment Tool: 

Use the mobile app to report a concussion incident and receive sideline recommendations on next steps.

Tracking and monitoring of athletes throughout the preseason and season.

Best way to partner with schools, sports clubs, psychologists and more to become a leader in brain performance and concussion safety or to use in-house for player safety!

Great tool for sports clubs and brands to drive significant revenues and provide countless marketing opportunities.

Balance Test:

Take a balance test on the sideline as a indicator of a possible concussion.

Better info for professionals around Concussions and when the athlete is ready to Return to Play & Return to Learn. 

Post Injury Testing:

Baseline comparisons provide clinical-caliber post-concussion evaluations to monitor severity and the recovery progress.

5 Step Progressive Exertion:

Each step involves increased exertion and movement to the next step halts if any concussion symptoms return.

Symptom Checklists:

Athletes can use their phones to take their daily symptom checklist.

Great PR to tell a better story. Be the community leader in sports medicine / concussions and the mental health world.

Daily Symptom Checklists:

Recovering athletes fill out our Daily Symptom Checklists to monitor their symptoms improvement.

Clearance for Gameplay:

The final step has a medical professional review all the data and sign off on an athlete’s return to gameplay.

Help reduce liability with better information for making a good diagnosis.

Fully Integrated with online program. 


No need to email reports to another system.


All reports immediately integrate with the website

Post Concussion or Injury Evaluation now possible with the app for parents, coaches, trainers and physicians to all track and be on the same page. 

Become an industry leader with the best technology.

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