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Lets face it you want to generate revenues. We have the technology and the program to do just that. 

Reasons to get on work with p3 

Products included in the 7 Day Cleanse Pack include Pure Plant Protein, Pure Digestion Plus, Pure Greens, Omega Plus, Pure Inflamedix, and Pure Cleanse. Flavor options include crispy apple or fresh mint for the pure greens and vanilla or chocolate for the pure plant protein. Get your body ready for summer and begin the process of the new you with the 7 Day Cleanse Pack today.

Inflammation control & Digestion:  

Patented and encapsulated enzymes that support the reduction of inflammation, joint pain, digestion, and accelerate the natural healing process.

Turmeric Extract standardized to curcuminoids, Boswellia Extract standardized to Boswellic Acid, Ginger Extract standardized to Gingerols

Start your day off right with one of our delicious, nutrient dense, low calorie meal replacement shakes and feel better today!  The LifeStyle Care Pack provides enough product to for one shake per day for four weeks.

28 Day Cleanse Program:

p3's Nutrition Coaches will work with you and any of your clients/patients/athletes to see what is best for them.

Immune Support:
Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) as found in Organic Coconut Milk Powder have been shown to provide a healthy immune response, help support healthy weight reduction, support normal triglyceride levels and provide a healthy response to inflammation.

Pure InflaMedix™ contains no GMO's, animal products, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, synthetic vitamins, psyllium, fillers, artificial flavors, MSG, yeast derivatives, colors or preservatives.

If you are ready to make life-long changes to get your health back and lead an active lifestyle, read on to learn how you can begin the journey and use the tools to help get you and keep you on track.

A healthy blend of organic, vegan, gluten free pea protein, quinoa, 

Taste & Texture: 
Expertly formulated to provide a delicious taste and a smooth, creamy texture when mixed with just water. Pure Plant Protein™ is formulated to mix well and taste great with other NutraGen™ products.

Eat more balanced, whole nutritious foods that represent the foundation of nutrition in every meal: Protein, Fiber, Greens and Healthy fats.

Reduction of Abdominal Discomfort including Pain, Cramps & Bloating. 


Normal Digestion & Bowel Regularity.

Blood Sugar Control & Weight Management: 

A patented green mango fruit powder, assists the body with supporting normal blood sugar levels, lean body mass and cardiovascular support.

InflaMedix™ uses NuSorb™ Technology:


Is a certified organic proprietary delivery technology

Pure, Simple, and Effective. Our Health Practitioners believe a daily dose of combining our products with a proper diet ad exercise routine is the most effective, convenient way to achieve longevity and performance.

Achieve everything you need for a daily dose of greens, protein, fish oils, anti-i, normal glucose levels and overall digestive health in one company. 

Partners with p3 mean partners in better brain performance for life!

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