We've partnered with game-changing brands and technological platforms dedicated to changing the way we treat, triage, and track mental health. 

P300 Brain Assessment Platform

The p3 platform allows us to now do baseline brain scans that are fast and affordable to better assess our brains. Our desire is to make “brain physicals” a part of every person's yearly check up. Changing how we assess mental health, concussions and brain performance.

Balance Tracking System

Tens of thousands of athletes are baseline tested every year on BTrackS™ before their season starts. This creates our Normative Database, which automatically identifies those athletes whose balance is in the lower percentiles of performance–and could use improvement.

Brain Cleanse Nutraceuticals

The world we live in is extremely toxic to our bodies. I know it sounds shocking, but it's true! Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day from the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the medications we consume and from our own body's metabolism.


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p3 Brain Performance Company


p3 is making brain health a priority in everyone's life through performance+ medical partnerships